science, magic & mischief.
We're your ready-made creative digital team. We make it easy to tell your story to the world through film, web and digital experiences.
"Jeck Yeah!"
Sendung mit der Maus (WDR)
"Beste Freunde" (2021)
Sendung mit dem Elefanten (WDR)
"Ene Mene Mule" (2021)
Sendung mit dem Elefanten (WDR)
"Tipee" (2021)
Sendung mit dem Elefanten (WDR)
"Niemals dran gezweifelt" (2021)
Sendung mit der Maus (WDR)
"Summ Summ Summ" (2020)
Projekt Singfinger (EEB-EKIR)
"Backe Backe Kuchen" (2019)
Projekt Singfinger (EEB-EKIR)

science, magic & mischief.

Double Diamond design process

We are a creative collective that can help you develop what's next through storytelling, design thinking and digital technology.

We have particular expertise working with clients on innovative projects in healthcare, wellness and disability.

guān xīn (關心) - verb
to care for, to be concerned with

Founders Meike and Ifung together have decades of industry experience in filmmaking, creative storytelling and product design in Germany, United Kingdom and USA.

Meike trained as an independent filmmaker and has won multiple awards for independent, commercial and impact storytelling.

Ifung studied product design and creative technology in healthcare. He has created and patented award-winning digital and medical products for large companies and small start-ups.

Together, we can provide you a boutique service with an international perspective to help you develop your next film, web or digital project.

Meike Walcha-Lu
Dr. Ifung Lu

Tell your story visually with emotion and impact.

We'll help you focus in on the meaningful human stories and then show them to your audience powerfully and sensitively. We have particular experience working with children and people with disability.

  • Concepting + storyboarding
  • Principal cinematography
  • Drone / aerial photography
  • 3D / 2D animation
  • Motion capture
  • Film editing

Focus on what your users really need.

If you're selling a service or product we can help you apply your company's superpowers to create real impact for your users. From landing pages to concept design to digital prototyping, we've got you covered.

  • UI/UX design
  • Interaction design
  • Web design
  • Prototyping
  • Design systems
  • Full stack development

Create what's next through technology.

With multiple startups under our belts as well as experience at large companies and design agencies, we can advise on the creative application of technology for your stealth project. Or we could extend your skunkworks team. We thrive working with unknown unknowns and making the impossible possible.

  • Technology strategy + exploration
  • Data analysis + predictive models
  • Data + information visualisation
  • Tech prototypes + installations
  • Interactive media
  • App development
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